March 22, 2018 by Bike and a Box

Why You Should Start Your Own Business with Bike and a Box Right Now

Why You Should Start Your Own Business with Bike and a Box Right Now

Everyone has had that dream; they want to work for themselves, stop clocking in day after day, and do something they love. Here are some reasons why you should start your own business with Bike and a Box, right now!


When you start your own business, you’re opening yourself to freedom. You can work when you want to work, take control of what you do for a living, and free yourself from the everyday race of working a job 9 to 5. With freedom on your side, you can choose what you want to do, and how. You’ll get freedom to be able to do something like get outside on a Bike and a Box bike and sell your product, on your own time. The freedom that comes with starting your own business is immeasurable.

Make More Money.

When you start your own business, you have the opportunity to be able to make more money, because you’re not relegated only to the hourly or yearly wage that is set by employers. When working smart, you can pay back your investment in about 6 months and start making a living Keep in mind, this doesn’t all come at once — just simply starting your own business doesn’t mean that you’ll make more money than you did at your normal job — but remember: the sky is the limit with time and dedication.

Do Something You Love, Everyday.

We all know that many of us have uttered that phrase, “I hate my job”. That’s no way to live life! If you’re not doing something you love, now is the time to change it. Here at Bike and a Box, we help people do something they love, every day. Whether it be serving cold brew coffee on one of our Coffee Bikes or ice cream treats from one of our Ice Cream Push Cart, you can do something you love when you start your own business. The only way to know, is to try!

Combine your passion for biking with environmental responsibility.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t work out as much as we should. Working in an office, sitting behind a desk, it’s likely that you are not working out as much as you could or should — and you can change that when you start your own business with Bike and a Box! With one of our Electric Bike or Push Carts, you’ll be able to get exercise while you run your own Environmentally-Friendly business and make money!

Are You Ready To Roll?

The only way to get started with your own business, is to take the first step. It can be daunting, and many of us don’t know how to get started. That’s where Bike and a Box comes in — we are here to give you a product which you can get out, get going, and get rolling. Your freedom starts now, so give us a call at 1-877-217-6922 or e-mail David at and get ready to roll!