About Us

Little Thing About Us !!!

I was inspired to start Bike and a Box after over twenty years roasting coffee and selling espresso machines. Year after year, I provided consultation to clients who dreamed of starting their own cafe, but, too often, my potential customers could not get their business off the ground in New Mexico’s challenging local economy. When I looked around for more flexible, low-cost retail solutions, I saw only espresso carts for restricted indoor spaces, like shopping malls, and food trucks, but nothing in between. My clients needed an alternative that was functional, customizable, sustainable, and affordable—and so, Bike and a Box was born. Have a look around the website and imagine a retail solution that’s outside of the box! — David Langer, Bike and a Box Founder

Feel free, move free

We have designed our products with the ideal of freedom in mind—freedom to go wherever your dreams take you.
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