May 15, 2019 by Bike and a Box

Looking to open a coffee shop? Consider a Coffee Bike first

It’s no secret that everyone loves coffee; reports that it is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 400 billion cups consumed every year. In the United States alone, 450 million cups are consumed a day (source)!

Looking to open a Coffee Shop? Consider the cost first

If you’re interested in starting your own coffee business, you are probably wondering what kind of capital this dream will require? Did you now that it can cost over $100,000 to open a brick-and-mortar coffee shop? This handy calculator from gives you the lowdown.

Most people don’t have the money to open a coffee shop, but that doesn’t have to stop you. If you’re looking to open a coffee shop, consider a Coffee Bike instead. As our friends at point out in this article, you can start your own coffee business with no money or experience when you look outside the box.

How can you open a coffee shop on the go?

With a mobile coffee solution from Bike and a Box, you can start selling coffee on the go with ease. Consider the RAPTR Coffee bike, which starts at only $3,500. Compare that with the cost to open a coffee shop (remember, that’s $100,000 on the low end!), and you’ll see that this is a cost-effective way to open a coffee shop without the traditional overhead cost.

What are the features of a Coffee Bike ?

A RAPTR Coffee bike offers many features for you to sell coffee on the go, with a low overhead cost. They include:

  1. A hand-wash sink with running water
  2. Light weight Aluminum cart with a solar charging canopy
  3. Storage for Coffee, cups, and other supplies
  4. Electricity to power grinders, electric kettles, and more
  5. A built-in E- motor (optional) to help you pedal your bike to where your customers are
  6. Options such as a nitro tap, pour-over or espresso, and more.

Why is a coffee bike so cost-effective?

The overhead costs of opening a coffee shop are very high; from the cost of rent to furnishings, supplies, materials and more, it all adds up.

This, of course, can make it very difficult to get started in the coffee business. But, with the low cost of a coffee bike, you can begin selling coffee on the go with very little overhead. Simply purchase your bike, get setup with the proper local licenses to sell coffee on the go, and purchase your supplies. Bike and a Box will even help you get licensed, and find the supplies you need!

Best of all, with a low overhead cost, the prospects of making your initial investment back are much more likely. Making back your initial investment of under $5,000 (more if you add an espresso machine) is much easier than a startup cost of over $100,000. The math alone makes it a no-brainer to own a Bike And A Box Coffee bike!

On-the-go ease

The best part of owning and operating a coffee shop bike is that you can take your business anywhere you want. From selling at Farmer’s Markets, to State Fairs, to private parties and events, you can do it all. And, when you’re done working, simply take your bike home, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Ready to get started with a Coffee Bike?

If you’re ready to open a coffee shop, but you want to avoid the high overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar coffee shop, now is the time to consider a RAPTR Coffee Bike.

To get started, simply contact Bike and a Box today!

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