Model E – Food, Tap, Retail, Promo Trike


  • Model E – Food, Tap, Retail, Promo Trike
  • Motive Power: 250W Rear Hub Mounted Electrical Motor
  • Battery: 36V/10 Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Power Conversion: 6 Speed Shimano Gear Set
  • Wheels: 26″ Rear, 19″ front air/wide track road tread
  • Dimensions: 90″L x 36″W x 45″H
  • Frame: Steel
  • Rider Max Weight: 200 LBS/91 kg
  • Max Cargo Capacity: 240 LBS/109 kg

NEW for 2017! Choose Red or Yellow frame. Head out with your trike and sell in style, with adjustable handlebars, seat and more, this trike is a true joy to ride and operate.



We have all seen the sight of a man walking down the street with a push cart. He is selling Ice Cream, Fruit, Street Food, etc. and you think to yourself: “Huh… those things are cool. I wonder if there’s a way to make them easier to use?” There is: It’s Right Here! The Model E is a trike designed for many different industries. FoodTrike for foodservice, TapTrike for all things ‘On Tap’, Retail and Promo trikes, we have them all. The Model E features a rear hub mounted electrical motor. The motor acts as a power assist during peddling. The handy saddle tray allows the battery to securely fasten to the frame. And with a back box; storage is created, allowing you to carry all the essentials for your day. Easily connect your USB devices directly to the trike, for on the go charging. The lightweight steel frame construction, LED lighting, Stainless Steel box, electric motor and 6 Shimano gears make it a perfect “go just about anywhere”. We think the limits are endless to what you can sell with a trike; imagine creating a retail ‘Pop-up Shop’ just about anywhere. Always wanted a Food Truck, but couldn’t afford one? How about a FoodTrike? The Model E also makes a fantastic, eye catching promotional platform. Just connect “beach flag” type banners, a canopy or printed umbrellas to really stand out! The trike is the same width as a wheelchair and can access any places that are ADA Compliant or ADA Compliant Doors and Access Ramps.


All terrain suitability

As the Premier Maker of Retail, Foodservice & Merchandising Trikes, we are pioneers in our industry, setting the standards and trends for the rest to follow.

Care and Cleaning

With easy to clean & sterilise surfaces, a stainless steel box and standard bicycle components.. you can just 'hose her on down'.

Road Compatible

Use your Trike on the road*, don't be limited to just paths and parks.

Practical and easy-to-use

Anyone who can ride in a car can operate this trike, even if you've never ride' a bike before.

Versatile for everyday use

Extra-large box and frames are available so you can carry just about everything... including the kitchen sink!

Maximum storage

Complete access from the top of the box through the lid and a side access door so you can easily get to all of your supplies, even on the go.

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