Hot Brew Coffee Bike

Sell Coffee with Style Bike
Hot Brew Coffee

Wake up the streets with the smell of freshly brewed Coffee, Tea & Pastries.

Whether it's a Hot Brew or Cold Brew Bike, each model comes with its unique equipment package designed to maximize your Offering.

The Product portfolio depends on your own imagination.

Coffee Experience Matters

What makes Bike And A Box Hot or Cold Brew Bikes different from other so called "Coffee Bikes" is our Owner's 25 Years experience as a coffee roaster and coffee enthusiast. We are not a franchise and we Don't charge monthly fees.

“go just about anywhere”
Electrical Motor

Electric motor 6 Shimano gears

Model E features a rear hub mounted assist electrical motor. The motor acts as a power assist during peddling

Lithium battery / LED lighting

Brake lights stay lit & Safe up all night / charge your phone.

THE KEY Features

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  • Model E – Food, Retail, Hot Brew Coffee
  • Motive Power: 250W Rear Hub Mounted Electrical Motor
  • Battery: 36V/10 Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Power Conversion: 6 Speed Shimano Gear Set
  • Wheels: 26″ Rear, 19″ front air/wide track road tread
  • Dimensions: 90″L x 36″W x 45″H
  • Frame: Steel
  • Rider Max Weight: 200 LBS/91 kg
  • Max Cargo Capacity: 240 LBS/109 kg


Have you always wanted to be your own boss ?

If a brick or mortar shop or food truck are out of your budget, then consider Bike And A Box.

It's a chance to own your own business at a fraction of the cost.

Whether it's a growers market, A street corner or a special event, Bike And A Box attracts people's attention.

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